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The Amelia Project
Long Beach, CA
Our mission is to come to the aid of Long Beach sex trafficking survivors by helping them recover and by providing resources to get them back into society while raising awareness through various campaigns and initiatives.
We aim to see the end of human trafficking and restore the lives of those who survived. 
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Iris Flower + Key

Combining these two symbols of hope and freedom allows for a foundationally strong mark while providing a sense of comfort and approachability. 

amelia project secondary elements-01.png

These silhouettes act as a symbol of the countless number of anonymous women who have been brought through human trafficking. The natural elements symbolize the stages of growth: soil, water, sunshine and refining fire.

Secondary Visual Elements
amelia secondary visual texture-05.png
amelia secondary visual texture-03.png

The organic shapes are a result of simplifying the previous natural elements white the broken grid represents the bondage that is slowly breaking down bit by bit. These broken pieces are stronger and more cohesive when put together.